For the army of our long-suffering school leavers forced to endure the pangs of having their result withheld as a consequence of the failure of the illegitimate Olagunsoye Oyinlola administration to fulfil its obligations to the National Examinations Council (NECO), it must have been a great relief when the Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola administration came to their rescue. Not that we ever harbour the thought that the new, progressive administration would do any less though; it seems the least it could do at the quickest possible time is to undo the terrible legacies foisted on the people by the disgraced PDP regime. While the cries of the thousands of these youngsters and their parents ascended to heaven, it was in the character of the Olagunsoye Oyinlola government to be completely impervious to their cries until it was sacked from office.
How can we even begin to count the costs to the innocent youngsters lured into a false sense of security by the lying regime, which promised to pay the examinations fees only to renege at the critical
moment when the results were released?
How does one measure the trauma; the opportunity cost of the valuable session lost and the attendant disruptions to the orderly progression of the budding careers of our young ones? How much was involved anyway – given what was known of the administration’s indulgences?
How many careers were truncated –in some cases, irretrievably – as a consequence of the crass irresponsibility of the administration that made a promise but which it never intended to keep? Scores? Hundreds? We may never be able to determine. The much we can say also that the administration never pretended to even care. Today, the prayers of the throngs of our young ones forced to hawk pure water from Osogbo to Gbongan, from Okuku to Ile-Ife and everywhere across the state have been heard by the new listening government. They are free at last to pursue their dreams. Yes, it goes also, that their curses – heaped on the departed administration while the pain endured, undoubtedly stuck.
For putting right the wrongs done to the people by the PDP misfits, the Aregbesola administration has obviously taken a significant step to rebuild the bridge of trust between the people and the government.
That is how things should be.
Although we doubt that those innocent pupils will ever be able to regain the lost time, the measure by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) administration, obviously goes a long way to rekindle their faith in their government – in addition to the immeasurable relief that it must have brought to the thousands affected.
Besides, it must be seen as a measure of its priority that the administration is taking off so early in the day to clean the Augean stable left by the erstwhile administration. Obviously, no longer will the people have to strain themselves to appreciate the difference between a government which keeps its promise and the former army of occupation which saw its sojourn in government as a mission in self-help.
Just by the by the burst of fresh air witnessed in the last few weeks of the Aregbesola administration, the people must now be wondering how Osun State, with its rich legacy in education found itself in the abysmal level in which its pupils are denied placement in higher institutions because of examination fees.
Where did the new administration find the money? Isn’t it from the same coffers where Oyinlola insisted was “empty”? Talk about honour – and priorities.
Where is the new administration getting the push for the current initiatives to overhaul not just the educational sector but also other critical sectors as a whole? It seems again, the difference comes to the place of ideas and vision in governance.
Today, the people now appreciate the difference – between the pretentious, thieving band of yesterday and the responsive, visionary leadership of the moment.
NECO Fees: Relief At Last