Nigeria, A Nation Where Independence Still Feels Like No Colonialism

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Some say they’re leaving Nigeria.
Others say they’re not from here.
I say this is our Nigeria.
That fatherland we all would die for.
You’d prefer being called immigrants in another man’s land,
than stay back and defend your Nation?
That’s cowardice.

Whatever happened to ARISE OH COMPATRIOTS?

I love Nigeria.
I love the absence of natural disasters.
I love the rich heritage and cultures.
I love the vegetations and animals.
I love the mineral and natural resources.
I love the resilience of the poor and underprivileged.
I love the wisdom of the old.
I love the visions of the young.
I love the hope of a better Nigeria.
I love Nigeria…
Love is the ability to hope and believe something even in the presence of tragedies.
Please, don’t give up on Nigeria.
For the sake of POSTERITY.


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