Nigeria Police Salary

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How Much is Nigeria Police Salary?
How much does a Nigeria Police Office earn?

Have you ever asked those questions before?, if yes, then you have your answers right under your nose.

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari, on November 2018, increased the salary of Nigeria Police Officers, and the new salary of the Nigeria Police is contained in the list below.

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The Current Salary Of The Nigeria Police Officers:

1) Police Constable (PC) II – N84,000 per month

2) Police Constable (PC) I – N86,000 per month

3) Sergeant Copral (SC) – N96,000 per month

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4) Sergeant Major (SM) – N119,000 per month

5) Inspector Of Police (IP) II – N167,000 per month

6) Inspector of Police (IP) I – N254,000 per month

7) Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) II – N271,000 per month

8)Assistant Superintendent of Police(ASP) I – N296,000 per month

9) Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) – N321,000 per month

10) Superintendent of Police (SP) – N342,000 per month

11) Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) – N419,000 per month

12) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) – N483,000 per month

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13) Deputy commissioner of Police (DCP) – N531,000 per month

14) Commissioner of Police (CP) – N1.5million per month

15) The Assistant Inspector-General of Police .

16) The Deputy Inspector-General of Police

17) The Inspector General of Police

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