Over 180 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria Today

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Over 180 Profitable Businesses You Can Start Today In Nigeria

1) Aerobics Classes

2) Affiliate marketing

3) Art collection and gallery

4) Article writing business

5) Baking confectioneries

6) Bead making

7) Beautician

8) Biscuit production business

9) Blogging

10) Bread production business.

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11) Build Hotels, Guest Houses and other lodging services

12) Business broker

13) Business plan writer

14) Car wash services

15) Carpentry business

16) Carpet Cleaning and car washing

17) Catering services

18) Cement block production business

19) Charging of car and phone batteries

20) Cheap laptop importation and sales business

21) Computer and mobile phone repair services

22) Computer instructor

23) Computer programmer

24) Computer schools business

25) Computer services (Typing, printing, scanning and others)

26) Consulting services

27) Cooking service

28) Corporate Cleaning Services

29) Cosmetic sales

30) Courier business and render Courier, shipping, delivery and freight services.

31) Crafts business

32) CV/Resume Writing service

33) Dance Instructor

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34) Dating Service

35) Daycare Centre

36) Designer clothes importation business from China.

37) Directory Publisher

38) Dog breeding business and pet breeding business

39) Driving school business

40) Dry cleaning business

41) Eateries and restaurants

42) E-books publishing

43) Editor

44) Educational and tutorial centres for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, ICAN and other exams.

45) Educational consulting services

46) Electrical and Electronics business (Importation, retail and wholesale)

47) Email marketing

48) Employment Agency

49) Establish Fitness centres

50) Establish Recreational centres

51) Establish Social clubs

52) Event Management

53) Event Planner

54) Excursion Service

55) Exercise Instructor

56) Export Agent

57) Ezine Publishing

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58) Facialist

59) Fashion designing and tailoring business

60) Fertilizer production business

61) Final accounts preparation for companies

62) Firewood sales business

63) Flower farming and sales

64) Food Delivery service

65) Foreign Language Teacher

66) Freelance marketing

67) Freelance photographer

68) Freelance writing

69) Fruit Selling e.g Apple, Pineapple etc

70) Ghost writer

71) Graphic Designer

72) Greeting cards designer

73) GSM Phone repairs and servicing

74) Hair Stylist

75) Hairdressing salons (For men and women)

76) Haulage and logistics business

77) Health products business

78) Holiday Camp

79) Home Business Center

80) Home delivery services

81) Home made story books

82) Home movie production business (Nollywood Industry)

83) Home security equipment sales business

84) Home tutoring

85) Ice block production business

86) Ice cream production business

87) Importation of Textiles and/or sales. Map. Out a good marketing strategy.

88) Infopreneur

89) Information broker

90) Information Marketing

91) Internet advertising services

92) Internet Affiliate marketing

93) Internet recruiting

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94) Internet service provider

95) Interpreter /translator

96) Inverters and batter sales business

97) Job Employment agency and offer Job search related services.

98) Language schools for Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and other languages.

99) Laptop importation business

100) Laundry services

101) Mailing list service

102) Make money as s Blogger Blogging online

103) Make money from Internet ebook sales business

104) Make money with Bulk SMS business and Solutions

105) Make-up Artistry

106) Manicure, pedicure and even facials’ salons

107) Market research

108) Martial arts instructor

109) Mobile Phone Repairs

110) Mobile supermarket

111) Monogramming, embroidery and branding items services.

112) Music lessons

113) Nanny Service

114) Natural Juice production and sales business

115) New and Fairly Used car importation/sales including car spare parts.

116) Newspaper archive service

117) Online Forex trading business (Online and offline)

118) Online internet training

119) Online Recruitment agency

120) Online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and online Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services for webmasters and information marketers.

121) Open a Bridal store

122) Open a Jewellery store

123) Organise Seminar and workshops and make money daily

124) Painting services

125) Paper collection and recycling business

126) Party planning business

127) Paving stones production business

128) Payroll service

129) Pet training

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130) Pharmacy retail stores

131) Photography services

132) Piggery – Profitable Pig Farming Business

133) Plumbing and electrical services

134) Poultry farming for egg and/or meat production.

135) Private library service

136) Profitable catfish farmin Business

137) Proof reader

138) property Security services

139) Proposal writing

140) Provision store

141) Public Relations Agency

142) Public/Motivational Speaker

143) Pure water business

144) Real estate agency business

145) Real estate investment business

146) Recharge card printing business or airtime sales business (both Retailing and Wholesale)

147) Render Printing services

148) repair and maintenance services to Oil companies.

149) Reporter

150) Scholarship and Overseas Study consultant

151) School Dropping and picking service.

152) Self Improvement Seminars

153) Self Publishing

154) Sell Computer and mobile phones accessories. You can also import them for sell.

155) Selling chilled Zobo Drinks

156) Selling Fruits

157) Selling honey

158) Selling Pet products

159) SMS marketing

160) Snail farming – Snailery

161) Solar energy equipment sales business

162) Solar energy installation business

163) Song writer

164) Tax consulting services

165) Teaching

166) Technical Writer

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167) Telephone Answering service

168) Time management consultant

169) Tomato and Chilli pepper farming

170) Tour Guide

171) Transportation business like Okada business (ie Motorcycles), Danfo Business (ie Commercial buses), Keke business (ie Tricycles), Taxis Business and lots more.

172) Travelling agency business

173) Typing service

174) Video club for home movies

175) Video game Center

176) Viewing Center

177) Waste recycling business (metal scrap business and rubber/waterproof scrap business)

178) Web designing and development services.

179) Web publishing

180) Wedding consultation and planning services

181) Wedding planning and Decoration

182) Weight loss classes

183) Weight loss product business

184) Writing press releases

185) Youtube Videos

186) Youghurt

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