Poem : Prodigal Pupils In My Class

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There are all sorts of pupils in my class
Class management is becoming a nightmare each day

There is Shakespeare in my class
When asked questions he talks in riddles and proverbs

I have Ronaldo in the front seat
Once in class he kicks dusters and chalk all over the room

Galileo cannot be motivated
At the back of class he is all the time dreaming about stars

Michelangelo is never amused
As others are writing, he is busy painting and drawing images

Socrates has puzzled me
In tests he asks floods of hair raising questions- not answering

Oprah Winfrey has caused me sleepless nights
In class she is all the time dramatic in all responses to tasks

Karl Marx is ever on the move
Class to class he moves to ignite revolution against rich pupils

Mother Teresa is an enigma
While in class she is busy to praying and meditating

But there is one pupil who knows not his names
To answer simple arithmetic he runs all over school looking for calculator

These prodigal pupils in my class
Have sacrificed my professional etiquettes on the cross of incompetence


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