Poem : Woman of Power

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Woman of Power, You are a vessel of honor,
Rise up and discover
You are authorized and deputized with power in your hand.
Clothe yourself with the full armour,
Go forth and conquer the land.

Woman of power, we are walking in the final hour
You are seasoned with grace
So go and take your place
Stand up strong, for in the Almighty you belong.

Vessel of Gold you were born to be
Treasures in you for all to see
Stand strong and know your redemption draweth nigh
Keep your faith and you will fly.

Mighty woman of valor
Empowered for this hour
God has called you his daughter
Rise up and conquer, this is your season of power.

God created you for such a time as this
You are a child of the Most High
Born for destiny, Be all that you were created to be
Don’t go astray, keep your focus and pray for things to go the Lord’s way.

Daughter of Zion you are a proverbs 31 woman
You are beautiful, you are strong you are intelligent, you belong
You can be a Deborah, a Ruth, an Esther, a Dorcas
These are women of old, but they were never cold
So shine forth your radiance and integrity
And show the world that you are ear-marked for destiny.

Now is the hour, this is the Final call
Stand up tall and go and tell all
Jesus is coming, get ready now
Bring them in this place as we seek His face and worship in his grace
You have the power, woman of the hour.


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