Prof. Gabriel Oyibo: Mad Man or Genius?

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Prof. Gabriel Oyibo
He was given a hero’s welcome as people thronged the airport to receive him. The ruler of his community bestowed a chieftaincy title on him. The Governor of his state of origin could hardly contain his admiration for the man as he talked glowingly about his achievements. Members of the Senate in a rare, unanimous agreement passed a resolution recognizing and honouring his academic achievements. All, but few of his peers in his home country recognized his genius. And the President welcomed him proudly to his palace.

But the sudden accolades and adulations have brought with it a closer scrutiny. Is the man a genius, a mad man, or both? That is the question on the minds of many who encounter Prof. Gabriel Oyibo. A google search of the name, Prof. Gabriel Oyibo adds to the confusion. His admirers are in awe of him. His detractors consider him a deluded fake seeking accolades that he has not yet earned. What do you think? Below are excerpts taken from an exclusive interview we had with Prof. Oyibo:

JE: What is GAGUT?

GO: Well, GAGUT is God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem. A theorem is a truth that can be proven mathematically. That is GAGUT is the answer to the question: What is God or what is the universe? Which is what human being has searched for all their lives since the beginning of humanity.

Of course highlights of some of that are to be found in the basic account when people have talked about religion, these days it is looked at as some abstract thing. Religion in my experience in finding this theorem amounts to knowledge, knowledge of the fact, and that is the basis and of course, when anybody thinks about it they will know that is the bottom line. Whether the knowledge comes out as a result of revelation or comes out through people you have faith in…it is knowledge of the fact. Nobody will sit in church or mosque on Sunday for hours just to listen to fables or nonsense. They all come there to listen to facts and so on and so forth, which therefore becomes mathematics or knowledge. So, but therefore, everybody has been asking themselves: Who am I? Just like my experience in terms of knowing who I am back in Nigeria. Who is my father? Who is my mother? Some people are lucky to know their mother and their father. Other people get to know about their grandparents. And they keep on going. You go through the biblical process you might end up with the name Adam. Archaeologists have determined that an African woman is the grandmother of everybody in the world. If you came to Adam or this African woman, grandmother, you ask yourself where did she or he come from? That is the kind of question we are talking about. Where did we come from? There are three categories: One, is the bible and the holy books in general. They said the universe came out of the word of God and God said, let there be light and there was light. The science people who do not want to necessarily go along with that have their own account which is: The universe came out of the big bang, some explosion, big explosion created the universe. The third one, of course, is the one by ancient Africans that I was telling you about before. This one came twenty thousand years before the first two that I just mentioned. It says that the universe came out of the roaring water waves of soul and out of that water waves came out the building block of the universe which is called ATUM. When the Greeks came to conquer us, mispronounced it and called it atom. The biblical people also called it Adam. Adam, atom, atum are the same word. But there is a building block which became the basis of the science that God used these Africans to create which is chemistry. Chemistry is the science of atum or atoms. What GAGUT was able to do, meanwhile, is to look at these three accounts and through a mathematical process using the geometry that we were used to develop as a people, to conclude mathematically that the three accounts I just told you are no different accounts. These three accounts have been the basis of human suffering and persecution. But what GAGUT has been able to do mathematically was to conclude that those three accounts are not different and what the believer called word of God is actually what the science called the big bang and that it sounded like the roaring water waves. The big bang is the word of God and the Pope understands that the word of God is the big bang. GAGUT was able to do this mathematically in an equation, a simple equation which is the dream of everybody. How to explain the universe in a very simple way…GAGUT was blessed by God to come up with that equation and the equation is Gij,j=0. That is the secret code to the universe.

JE: How does a non-mathematician understand this code?

GO: You will understand it in the following sense. Gij,j=0. That’s what the equation is. The comma is simply a sign for change in mathematics. So, what you have in that equation is: a change in an entity called Gij is equal to zero. The believer looks at Gij and say that is the God they believe in. Which is another way of saying God was the same yesterday, today, and forever God never changes. For the believers Gij represents God for them. For the scientist and non-believers, Gij represents the unified force skill that producers the power that runs the universe. The power that comes out without force. You look at the word power and God and we conclude that the essence of God is power. The none believers and believers believe in the same God after all.

JE: How does your theory relate to the story of Adam and Eve?

GO: Adam is atum.

JE: In other words he is atom. In other words God created atom.

GO: The building block…it is the first component of the whole thing. It’s a building block, it’s the fundamental…so Adam represents that…that’s where you got the name Adam from.

JE: So, by your theory, evolution came from God creating atom?

GO: Yes, God created atom as a basis of…what happens the Gij, as I said, is what was at the beginning. The beginning is simply a convenience. There is no absolute beginning. What humans look as beginning is basically when the material world was created. God always existed. When God began to materialize the building block was this atum. What was existing therefore is like a thousand dollars or naira you started out with in the morning. You stop to get some gas and lunch. You make sure you get the receipts. What you started with was a thousand naira. At the end of the day with your receipts and the remainder you will also have the final amount that you had. If you got the proper receipt and you got the balance the final amount that you’ll have will also be a thousand naira. Subtract the final from the initial you will get zero. That is what Gij is saying. The end and the beginning must be zero. Although you gave your money to somebody, you have the receipts. If you go back you can get your money. The thousand naira has not changed.

JE: So did God manifest as Adam?

GO: That’s right. God manifested…remember the holy book says God said, let there be light There were the sound…the sound transformed into the material to the building block. Then the word changed. Its God’s word that turned into that entity. Even though later on we’ll turn out to be bad boys and girls we are still from God. That is what amazed me about it. It’s a kind of transformation, like the naira transformed into the petrol that you bought…that kind of transformation and that’s what GAGUT was able to demonstrate because GAGUT actually demonstrated that before the material world which is what humans call spirit…waves materialized. You know when you put enough wave together you can get material matter, solid. That’s why there’s so much talk about wave particle duality in physics. It all started from waves which is the spirit of the Almighty God as the sound wave. Thus God said, “Let there be light.” This is again a proof that religion is about knowledge.

JE: So how does an average person on the streets of America or Nigeria use your theory in his/her daily life?

GO: Whatever you are doing now, you’ll be able to do it better. That is basically the summary because what you have done up to this point has been done on the basis of approximation…various guesses and so on and so forth. This is the truth. It’s the total of the grand truth. Even cooking garri you can do better using GAGUT…

JE: How?

GO: We are talking about the cure for AIDS for example; it’s embedded in this formula. One of the corollaries of the formula or the cure is truth that can be proven mathematically. And you can consider the thousand naira example as proof. It’s a solid mathematical proof. The application in every aspect of ones life…cures for incurable diseases currently, resolution of our own human problems. I can give you one of the best examples that GAGUT comes to solve everything that God permits us to solve is that as a result of the Nigerian government literally ordering me to Nigeria to present GAGUT for one solid month after they put the best minds in mathematics to check it out, including people like Prof. Iya Abubakar and Prof. Animalu and all the legends, they came to the conclusion that this is God’s message and they put it to test. They brought the topic up before the Nigerian Senate and debated whether GAGUT should be recognized. Don’t you know that the entire Nigerian Senate, one hundred percent, voted to have GAGUT recommended for the Africa, international prize for science and technology, unanimously! What did that say? As you probably know, if you are a Nigerian, Nigerians have a hard time agreeing with anything. I mean they are busy slaughtering themselves. They have no time to agree on anything. But here is something that they agree with one hundred percent. A Senator representing Calabar agreeing with the one representing Sokoto, the one that represents Onitsha is agreeing with the one that represents Jebba. This is a phenomenon that has just occurred. In fact, Prof. Animalu, who is a no-nonsense professor, after he verified GAGUT, he reproduced a shape of light, a laser light which is a practical verification of GAGUT, he was able to reproduce when you pass a laser through a certain glass it will give you an image on the wall. That image he has been carrying since 1980’s or 1990’s. Einstein’s theory cannot provide a solution for that picture, and no other theory can provide a solution for the picture. He was able to find a solution within the GAGUT solution, that’s Prof. Alexander Animalu. Then he looked around and he began to find that the picture that he had developed from GAGUT is actually a unity symbol in Nigeria.

JE: What does the science community in America think of your theorem?

GO: I think the American mathematical society has no problem with the proof, Gij, j=0. The European mathematical society has no problem with it either. In fact the American mathematical society has been reviewing the work since the mid-nineties. The formula came out early 90’s and in 1995, my institute OFFAPIT, organized an international conference of top-notch mathematicians in the world, including a former head of the math department of Stanford, including a former head of the math department from Caltech, Julian Cole. It was presented and everybody was stunned! It was also presented earlier at Copper MT, Colorado. It was overwhelming, everybody…Russians, were lining up to talk to me. After the 1995 presentation, it was clear to me that GAGUT is godly because there was not a single mathematician of the top group that could touch it. Then it was published in various forms and finally American mathematics society…the first review was done, I believe, in 1996. They selected an expert called, Jaume Carot, a French mathematician to review the work. He is one of the best in relativity. He had no problem. He signed off on it. Then the European mathematics society selected a true legend to review the work, in the person of Gregory Tsagas. Before his death in 2003, was the president of the Balkan Association of Geometry. He also signed off on my work. That’s why I can talk to you the way I am doing.

JE: Why, do you think, the American science community is not embracing you or up in arms defending you against criticisms?

GO: That’s where the challenge comes in. Its part of your responsibility as a journalist to be able to help that process. There are any numbers of reasons why they will not come out to celebrate me. Number one, every race has been searching for this. It is the understanding of some people that the race that will be blessed with the secret code to the universe will be considered as the most blessed race or the most gifted race or the smartest race. Therefore, you don’t expect the Europeans to celebrate a gift that was given to Africa which they wanted for themselves. It is simple logic. So, you are the one who is supposed to start the celebration. That is why the Nigerian Senate motion is so critical. As a journalist you will need to promote the truth. Don’t do it for me, don’t do it for yourself, if you believe in God, do it for God. Promote the truth, the over-all truth, the God’s truth, the total truth…to let your people know that rather than slaughtering yourselves and dying of AIDS and hunger…you should be celebrating, you’ve got the prize now.

JE: So, why is the Nigerian science community not defending their own?

GO: Because they haven’t heard from you? They haven’t heard from you to say will now play the role of New York Times. The New York Times came up with relativity. It changed hands from the non-Jewish to Jewish when relativity was developing in 1905. And have since grown up through reporting about Albert Einstein. In fact Prof Animalu wrote that in one of his reviews. There are people like Prof. Animalu and Pro. Iya Abubakar who have testified on television that GAGUT is solid but the masses haven’t been able to deal with that. Of course, we went around the various universities. Nigerians should be thanking God on their knees and recognize that God has given them the blessings that the whole world will envy them. This is why they kept the review of GAGUT on low key because they will not come out of their way to say what a major discovery. But Harvard University has my books on this development. They keep my books in the most prestigious libraries in Harvard. Stanford University has classified my institute (OFFAPIT) among the top places for physicists in the world. But as I’m telling you, there are no GAGUT books in Nigeria. Some members of the Senate had requested that the Nigerian Universities Commission buy my books for Nigerians. I spoke to Pres. Obasanjo within the past couple of weeks and he gave me the assurance that he was going to put that into action.

JE: Why do you think the Nigerian Universities Commission is reluctant to buy your books?

GO: After the international lecture which was given in Abuja, people were so overwhelmed and came into the room and said we have to do something about this…the Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria was there, the Head of UNESCO was there. Everybody was in awe of what God had done for the black people and so it was a time to brainstorm on what to do with it. I remember Prof. Iya Abubakar who is a mathematician that you know very well, said I would like on behalf of the Nigerian Senate to request that the GAGUT books be brought into Nigerian schools immediately. I remember the Minister of Education, Prof. Osuji was very enthusiastic. He said we are going to do what you have requested. That was his answer to the members of the Nigerian National Assembly.

JE: Why hasn’t the Nigerian Universities Commission bought the books?

GO: That is where you come in. We need the press to ask these questions. The people that matter, from Prof. Osuji, a top notch scientist, a university professional and a Minister of Education was all up for it and he said, “yes I’m going to see that this is done.” We know he’s not there anymore, we don’t know why…even Prof. Peter Okebukola, he told the press they were going to buy the books. So, it is only you, the press people that can get the answers for the Nigerian people.

JE: Did you ask the Nigerian Universities Commission to pay you ten thousand dollars before you’d give a presentation?

GO: No. I didn’t ask them for that. Why is the question being asked?

JE: Sources told us you asked for ten thousand dollars and it was finally negotiated down to five thousand dollars…

GO: In my position I was blessed with a formula. As a professional person I am building a young university over here called OFFAPIT institute of technology. When I go to speak in universities and other places, I have a standard fee of ten thousand dollars. That’s probably what the person was talking about. But the invitation from the Universities Commission was on a different level. It wasn’t a matter of let’s negotiate.

JE: One would expect the Nigerian Universities Commission to invite you to make more presentations. Why, do you think, have they not done that?

GO: I am scratching my head myself, especially with the books…because if you go to our web site you will read a lot of what is being expressed by Nigerians and non Nigerians around the world. You will know that people want GAGUT not just in Nigeria but the entire Africa. Because the blessing that God gave to them, they should start studying it like everybody else is studying it. When we took account of the black universities the book has become a bestseller on, Barnes and Noble and so on.

JE: Considering that the Nigerian president gave you a lot of recognition, it is curious that nobody is buying your books in Nigeria?

GO: I am developing high blood pressure because the books are not in Nigeria. It is an irony…when Prof Osuji was here last summer, he was astonished. He went back home to deliver the message he saw and he went into action and that was what helped the process of my coming. Now he’s gone, nothing is happening. I think the ball is in the court of the press.

Oyibo and Pres. Obasanjo

JE: Let’s switch gears, Professor. I understand you were nominated for a Nobel Prize…

GO: Yes.

JE: How many times have you been nominated?

GO: Four times. But before we go into those dynamics I want you to understand something. Normally I would not talk about the Nobel Prize. The reason I will not talk about it is that the Nobel Prize requires some kind of secrecy. The reason mine came to be known is simply because number one, GAGUT is too profound to not have been given Nobel Prize by now. We are not talking about nomination. One of the corollaries of GAGUT is that the periodic table that you used like any other person who has gone to school, where you may have heard anything from one hundred and ten to one hundred and eighteen elements, GAGUT corollary has proven that it isn’t one hundred and eighteen elements. It is only one element. What you call the other elements are compounds of one element which is hydrogen. That alone is supposed to guarantee a Nobel Prize award. That we tell you that we have been nominated for a Nobel Prize is actually doing the Nobel Foundation a favour so I don’t dwell on that because it’s not a relevant topic as I may never get a Nobel Prize.

JE: It is relevant to Africans and the black race that an African scientist was nominated for a Nobel Prize four times…there-in lies the question: How were you nominated?

GO: The Nobel committee requires secrecy. They might consider me hurting my chances going into those details but the letters of nomination are to be found on our website. I have made it a policy not to dwell too much on the Nobel Prize. It may be important to our people and if it is they should let Pres. Obasanjo know that it is important for the black race to implement the recommendations of the Nigerian Senate which is to award…that is a better testimony to the situation than Nobel because the prize they have recommended GAGUT for is a prize that is meant by their request to be bigger than Nobel. If we have been nominated for a prize bigger than Nobel, we should have won the Nobel by now and I don’t want to get into the dynamics of whether I have been really nominated or all that. I have tried to answer questions on that topic previously and people come into the situation with what we call inferiority complex that have overwhelmed black people for the past five hundred years as a result of our losing a war to the Europeans by which we became prisoners of war which is a state we are in now. It put us in a situation where we have no confidence, self confidence. GAGUT was sent to repair that. GAGUT is a therapy for that process.

JE: The last place you taught, according to public records, is University of Bridgeport, correct?

GO: Correct.

JE: So where do you teach now?

GO: I am teaching at OFFAPIT institute of technology, building a new university which is a home for the discovery. OFFAPIT is a young university but it’s a graduate university. If we had money we would have gotten all our papers. We don’t have large structures but OFFAPIT is top school for mathematics and physics but having said that we teach everywhere else. Harvard is learning from us. MIT is learning from us…

JE: What do you mean Harvard is learning from you?

GO: But we don’t have the money to build fancy buildings! So when you come here you are not going to see fancy buildings like you would see in Harvard. The mere fact that Nigerians cannot buy my books will tell you that I haven’t gotten any money to develop this university and yet GAGUT is so big that it cannot go under any other university. It cannot go into Harvard because it will swallow Harvard because what GAGUT has done in terms revising of the periodic table implies all the science books are now going to be rewritten. The curriculum that you used in school are going to be revised for future because science is no longer going to be based on one hundred and eighteen elements but on one element.

JE: There’s a controversy concerning your tenure at Bridgeport. Can you briefly tell us what happened?

GO: Let me tell you again that that is an irrelevant topic that I’m not even going to dignify with any response simply because the web site where you got that information is a CIA web site. It is put in the name of Scott Williams who is a self-hating black man, barely qualified to call himself a mathematician, does not know anything about GAGUT, who has been put as a dummy to smear black people. And that is what GAGUT is here to repair, that kind of image that we are dummies. Notice that there has not been one single European mathematician that has challenged GAGUT.

JE: I did not get my information from Prof. Scott Williams. I spoke with people at Bridgeport University.

GO: Scott Williams is trained by the CIA. And you have to understand the dynamics. The dynamics is as follows: Scott Williams is not attacking me on the web site that he is paying for. The web site is paid for by the State of New York. I’m being attacked not by some loner like Scott Williams. I’m being attacked by the State of New York, which is part of the government of this country. That should tell you a whole lot. Tenure is not the issue here that’s why I’ll not even dignify that by any response at all. I’m so way above tenure that it’s an insult to me to be asked a question about tenure. I’m teaching the best professors in Harvard that is how you got to understand the realities of life. The purpose of the CIA to put the tenure there is to try to attack GAGUT, attack my credibility as a professor to tell you that if I didn’t get tenure I must not be qualified. And that if I wasn’t being nominated for Nobel Prize therefore the equation is not correct.

JE: Is there any university studying GAGUT?

GO: Yes, Harvard is studying GAGUT. They have my books in their library.

JE: Some people see you as a mad man. Others see you as a brilliant scientist. There are some who see you as a fake. How do you see yourself?

GO: I see myself as a son of God. A humble creature of almighty God that is trying to do God’s will.

Thank you.

July 5, 2005.




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