Putting the Family Unit Back On Top

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The traditional African society believes that the most important unit in the society is the family. The family, both extended and nuclear are essential in shaping individuals before the child is exposed to the outside world. Generally, as long as the family unit performs its role properly, the society would be more integrated and coordinated. Family ties have been regarded as one of the most important doctrines in the Nigerian society from time immemorial…until recently. It seems that nowadays, the institution regarded as “Family” has taken a demotion in terms of importance. Everybody is too busy chasing money, goals, love, power and success and we forget that in the end, we need our families to truly be fulfilled. We tend to chase after these things, not realising that we are not immortal, and everybody will only be here for a short while. While you still have the chance to show your family members just how much they mean to you, here are a few things that will make a difference.

Keep in touch- We (especially the younger generation) are guilty of avoiding calls from family members because we are busy with a task, or because they are “disturbing” you. Try your best to call family members often so that they know that no matter how much you have on your plate, they are still priorities in your life.
Plan activities together- No matter how crazy your schedule is, try your best to fix activities with other members of your family. Doing things together generally helps to bring families together and creates a sense of belonging for each of the family members.

Try to visit family members- Most people make excuses that their families live too far away for them to visit often. Let me tell you this- it is better for you to make the effort while they are still here than for you to regret not doing more when they are gone. Even if it requires staying in a hotel overnight, or taking a few days off work to take a vacation with them, it’s never too much to show them that you care.

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Be involved in family affairs- A lot of people in this day and age try to shy away from being involved in family affairs, which alienates them from the family. Try to make everybody know that no matter how busy you are, you have the best interests of the family at heart by participating in family affairs.
Finally, Pray for them. Remember to be thankful for having them, and to also pray that they are not taken from you suddenly or untimely.

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