Relaxing in Lagos…Is That Really Possible?

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Speaking from first-hand experience, I can easily tell you that Lagos is not for the faint of heart. Lagos life is a perpetual struggle, from waking up early to beat traffic (and still getting stuck in traffic anyway), to the heat or torrential rainfall, to the lack of power and water. All these struggles the average Lagosian goes through makes it hard for people to relax- in fact, the average Lagosian goes around angry and tensed up, just waiting for someone to get in their way and annoy them. A lot of my colleagues and friends say it’s virtually impossible for them to relax, except they take their leave outside Lagos, preferably Abuja or Ibadan. So, is it really possible for one to get rid of all the pent-up stress of the week without leaving Lagos? The fact is that it actually is possible if you know where to go. Lagos has some really beautiful spots where you can just sit and marvel at the beauty of Nature, without the intrusion of the rush that is usually attributed to Lagos.

My top three favourite spots are:

Lekki Conservation Centre– This is a conservation centre started to protect the dwindling coastal mangrove forest and animals. Here you can observe a wide variety of birds, flora and fauna as well as a man-made tree house for nature lovers to have a 360-degree view of the centre. If this place doesn’t provide you with inner peace, then what will?

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Coconut Beach, Badagry- Of all the beautiful beaches in Badagry, the Coconut Beach is my favourite. Apart from the clean sand and surf, as well as the numerous coconut trees that dot the landscape, it remains one of my top spots because unlike other commercial beaches, it doesn’t get overcrowded and noisy. You can check into hotels around it and really relax the way you want to.

Nike Art Gallery- For the people who appreciate the value of art, Nike art Gallery is an oasis. Nike Art Gallery is a platform where artists and craftspeople from all works of life portray their works and educate the general public on everything art. Enter this gallery and lose yourself in the fascinating worlds of other people, expressed through artwork.

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So you see, relaxation isn’t all that difficult in the Centre of Excellence, you just have to know where to go. Enjoyment in Lagos isn’t always about clubs, lounges and malls; try something different today and thank me later.

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