St Charles College In Onitsha Was Established Which Year

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St. Charles College, Onitsha, popularly known as the “Varsity on the Niger”, was founded in 1928, by His Grace Most Reverend Dr. Charles Heerey, Archbishop of Onitsha of blessed memory and was dedicated to St. Charles Borrormeo. The college began as a teacher training college for men, and has produced seasoned and renowned teachers, many of whom later branched out and became professors of the sciences and the arts, government administrators and statesmen, priests and bishops of the church, business magnates, traditional rulers, barristers at law and judges of the High Court, and very important personalities and dignitaries in almost all vital spheres of human endeavour. After the end of the 1967 to 1970 Nigeria-Biafra war, the Government of the East Central State of Nigeria, in early 1970, took over all schools in the State, including the college. By the relentless efforts of the Catholic Church, the Proprietor of the College, St Charles College, Onitsha, was returned to the Church in 1983.


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