The Hillarious “Ant” Trend On Nigerian Social Media Space

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Ant wey riddle

Ant dem planet – — ANTartica
Ant from Padua. Na Ant-thony
Ant meaning different words – Antonyms
Ant we dey come every day – constANT
Ant we dey pollute something – pollutANT
Ant wen be church for olden days – Antioch
Ant wen dey agianst – -Anti
Ant wen dey BBN …..Anto
Ant wen dey go private school – Covenant
Ant wen dey kill like kilode – Anthrax
Ant wen dey take oath – Covenant
Ant wen no like vaccine – anti-vax
Ant wen no wan behave – petulAnT
Ant wen sabi people – Anthropology
Ant wen sabi reverse – antithesis
Ant wen too dey yinmu – Antipathy
Ant were Dey cure belle pain – – ANTacid
Ant wey be animal – elephAnt
Ant wey be boxer — Anthony joshua

A British Facebook & Nigeria Facebook Post & Comments – Very Funny and Real

Ant wey be female jamo: alanti
Ant wey be football club — Antwerp
Ant wey carry belle – pregnAnt
Ant wey cool. Na coolant
Ant wey cross sahara desert heading for Europe-immigrANT
Ant wey dem dey serve na antiquity
Ant wey dey ahead na anterior
Ant wey dey attack people. – assailANT
Ant wey dey beef – Ant-agonist
Ant wey dey box anything – Ant-hony Joshua
Ant wey dey burst pipe for Niger Delta like TonyeBarcanista – MilitAnt.
Ant wey dey collect 20naira – sergeAnt
Ant wey dey endowed- abundANT
Ant wey dey fly from Chicago to Johannesburg & Tel Aviv in search of Olosho & entertainment like Lucasbalo – GallivAnt.
Ant wey dey for inside Aso rock without School Cert-ignorANT
Ant wey dey for inside green bottle- intoxicANT
Ant wey dey for Niger Delta creek dey fight for rights- militANT
Ant wey dey generate power – Power plant….
Ant wey dey informate. InformANT

Patience Jonathan Quotes

Ant wey dey lick plate: platant
Ant wey dey make guys shayo for the Ashewo Thread like ibkayee – IntoxicAnt.
Ant wey dey pursue people – pursuANT
Ant wey dey reject bad energy – Repellant
Ant wey dey reside inside my head & heart – OccupAnt.
Ant wey dey rough: Scanty
Ant wey dey see future like Orunmila – ClairvoyAnt.
Ant wey dey very stubborn like Mazeltov – RecalcitrAnt.
Ant wey dey win steady battle like myself (Zoharariel) – TriumphAnt.
Ant wey get bad-temper like Nwanneni – PetulAnt.
Ant wey get cell: panti
Ant wey get mind:guarantee
Ant wey get Opolo eye wey sabi shine eye- observeANT
Ant wey girls like – eggplAnt
Ant wey like snake: snake-ant(lala)
Ant wey no dey mind hin business – Reactant….
Ant wey no sabi anything like Buhari – IgnorAnt.
Ant wey no send…….. NonchalAnt
Ant wey no wan do- reluctANT

An Ibadan Man Walks Into A Restaurant – Joke

Ant wey no wan gree say e lose election like Atiku – ProtestAnt.
Ant wey no wan take correction like Tolexy007 – UnrepentAnt.
Ant wey sabi spend money like Hush Puppy – ExtravagAnt.
Ant wey strong daku: warranty
Ant wey strong: gallant
Ant wey wicked – tyrAnt
Ant wey won win Miss Nairaland Beauty PageAnt like Mizmycoli – ContestAnt.
Ant where u eat – restaurAnt
When you feel a sign of victory – triumphAnt
When you have too much in your possessions – abundAnt

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