Who We Are And What We Are Not

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 Nigerian Elites Forum is privately owned,it is not a Government organization

It comprises like minded intellectuals with passions to see The Nigerian of their dreams

We share these dreams in common:

1 We believe in the Visions of our founding fathers “Unity, Faith and Progress”.

2 We believe “the Labour of Our heroes past,Shall never be in vain”.

4 We believe ,Nigerians are blessed people.

3 We believe, Nigeria is a blessed country.

5 We believe, Nigerians have what it takes to make it a better place to live.

6 We are from different Geo-political zones and terrains,with different religious and social-economic interests.

What and who we are not

-We are not a political party neither are we an agents of any political party.

-We are not affiliated to any organization,public,religious or private .

-Our members make the team.

We sincerely welcome and value your appraisals.

You too can be one of us, Register here. If you believe in possibilities (Nigeria).


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