Why Men Are Called “Groom”, And The Woman “The Bride” On Wedding Day

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Why is the newly wedded man called GROOM and the woman called BRIDE? A friend of mine got tired of his WIFE just about six months after wedding.

He complained bitterly to me about her and told me that he has concluded to break up with her; he went on to say that he was sure that he made a mistake. I did not respond immediately because I knew I must tell him that right thing, so I went home. And that is what birth this message.

Many MEN have broken up with their WIVES because they end up not being the WIVES that they have dreamt of. But they have forgotten that on their wedding day was when the man was commissioned for the new task.

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Nobody calls the woman WIFE on her wedding day but BRIDE, because it is the man that will GROOM his BRIDE to become the WIFE. That is why the man is called ‘BRIDEGROOM or GROOM’ and the word grooming has to do with PATIENTLY NURTURING, TEACHING, TENDING and HELPING someone to become what he or she should be.

It is therefore believed that a MAN that takes a WOMAN to the ALTAR of MARRIAGE is mature enough to patiently GROOM his BRIDE to become the WIFE. The man is not supposed to just expect the BRIDE to automatically become the WIFE, she must be GROOMED.

It is clear that many of our men have unnecessary expectations when they were getting married, they want some magic to happen to their wives, they want the wives to become what they have had in mind about who they want their wives to be; not considering the fact that the woman does not know what is on your mind except you teach her.

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MEN expectations are often too unrealistic, because they do not remember that change takes TIME and they can only expect something from someone that knows what they want.

So before you think of breaking up, have you GROOMED her? Have you given her TIME to understand you? Hope you realize that a turtle will never become a hawk? GOD often brings People that are opposites of each other together in MARRIAGE so that they can HELP EACH OTHER in their place of weaknesses. If your WIFE is weak where you are weak, then where will you get the strength that is needed? THE PROBLEM WITH MANY OF US IS THAT WE DO NOT ACCEPT PEOPLE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO CHANGE THEM.*

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Of course, wives are not from husbands backgrounds, so it will take TIME for them to adjust. Stop trying to change her, ACCEPT her, LOVE her, TEACH her and be PATIENT with her; that is what GROOMING is all about. She is going to be your WIFE but she is your BRIDE now, so GROOM her. Stop complaining about her, she may be a TURTLE 🐢 and you a HAWK, she cannot fly so be PATIENT with her. I DO not believe that your MARRIAGE cannot work, be PATIENT and allow GOD to HELP you.

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