Why You Should Not Laminate Your Certificate

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Many have been in the dilemma whether to laminate their certificate or to leave it the way it is. The fact is that what has advantages definitely has disadvantages too. The two have to be put into consideration.

Back in the days when ordinary conqueror papers were used for certificates, one for sure can laminate, but in the recent times, many do not accept the fact that paper used for certificates and documents are not to be compared to what was used in the past.

What is Lamination?

First, we need to understand the lamination is a process whereby thin layers of transparent polythene nylon is joined together to protect paper documents such as certificates, results, and testimonials.
People tend to laminate their documents in order to protect their paper material from getting damaged fluid, dust/dirt, grease and hampered edges.

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It’s well believed that lamination elongates the life span of important document like certificate, result, and so on.
However, laminating your document has advantages as you’re insuring it. There are cons that should be put into consideration before one is forced to laminate such documents.

Disadvantages of Lamination

Difficulty duplication

It may be difficult to get clear duplicates of laminated documents. Were you to duplicate your certificates when required by some school or organisation, duplicate photocopies of laminated certificate might not yield the satisfied effect due to its reflective polythene texture.

Susceptibility to overheating

In the process of laminating a document, it can be easily affected by overheating if not properly operated. This may destroy the document for good.


Lamination of certificates may make them look fake. The laminated documents makes it hard to see if they are original or not.

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Protecting your documents instead of lamination

Rather than laminating your certificate, keep it safe in other ways. Buy a plastic envelop and store it inside.
Keep original documents or certificates in a safe and secured place. Then, carry duplicates around only. You just have to produce the original when required.

Circumstances to consider if you intend to laminate

While it is not advisable that you laminate your documents, if you ever have to do so, consider these tips.

Watch the machine

If you intend to laminate, make sure you confirm the productivity/effectiveness of the machine being used. Be sure if it isn’t overheated. You can easily confirm from recently done sample works
You can also opt for laminating machine that are cold instead of hot, this is proved to be safer.

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Have a scanned copy prior

If at all you intend to laminate your certificate, ensure such certificate has been previously scanned and save it directly to your mail or cloud drive such as Dropbox, Google drive etc for future reference.

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